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Adornment flowers are a elegant way to decorate the coffin. What better way to celebrate a loved one’s life with Mother Nature’s symbol of life?   Casket Adornments could be purchased online and our on time delivery, guarantees that they will arrive fresh and beautiful. For any creative suggestions for Adornment funeral flowers, our local florist designers will be happy to help. Their knowledge and commitment to excellence will insure your casket Adornment funeral flowers are exactly the way you want to remember you loved ones

All-White Casket Pillow
This delicate and angelic-looking all-white casket pillow is a lovely adornment to send to the funer..
Bright and Happy Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x 9"W ..
Delicate Rose Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  7"H x 9"W ..
Elegant Rose Casket Adornment
> A truly elegant piece! This delicate casket adornment is an excellent way to express your sympa..
Encircling Grace Casket Adornment
> This stunning wreath is hand-crafted by our talented designers using a combination of lilies, c..
$119.99 $89.99
Enduring Peace Hinge
> This eye-catching garland is ideal for the inside of an open casket during the service. It featur..
Floral Sympathy Rosary
> Rosaries are common to Catholicism, symbolizing faith. This elegant rosary is the perfect way t..
Gentle Blossoms Casket Adornment
> Soft, gentle shades of peach, pink, and yellow are used in this delicate hand tied bouquet. Our..
Heartfelt Casket Adornment
> This beautiful casket adornment features shades of red, green, white, and cream. The combinatio..
Peaceful Cross Adornment
> This flawless casket cross adornment is created using asters, greenery, and roses. Colors inclu..
Tender Treasure Casket Adornment
> Vibrant colors such as purples, reds, greens, yellows, and whites are used to design this radia..
Touch of Sympathy Casket Adornment
> Elegantly presented on a cross pillow, a combination of carnations, roses, and gorgeous greener..
Whispering Love Casket Adornment
> This unique casket adornment is in the shape of a wreath and is made of natural moss. It featur..
Prayerful Farewell Rosary
> This elegant rosary is designed using carnations and accented with ivy. Colors include pink an..
Red Beauty Cross Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 13"H x 10"W. ..
Holy White Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 14"H x 9"W. ..
Pink and Purple Casket Adornment
> Designed with fresh flowers such as freesias, roses, and greenery, this flawless casket adornm..
Pink Radiance Heart Pillow
Measures approximately  10"H x 7"W ..
Pretty Peach Rose Casket Adornment
> This subtle casket adornment is a stunning tribute to honor the deceased. Soft shades of peach..
Red Rose Cluster Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  10"H x 7"W ..
Rose Sensation Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 13"H x 10"W. ..
Soft Pink Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x9"W ..
Sweetly Rest Casket Adornment
> Fresh carnations, lilies, and gorgeous fillers are used to design this lovely casket adornment..
Trail of Flowers Garland
Approx. 3" H x 50"W ..
White and Pink Beauty Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 9"H x 8"W. ..
White Roses Splendor Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 9"H x 8"W. ..

Adornments Flowers

When loved ones pass away, the opportunity to convey feelings is gone. The only chance left is to give them proper funeral service before they are sent to their final resting place. Families and friends show affection and respect for their dearly departed in many ways. The customary means of demonstrating these feelings is expressing them through flowers. These silent natural beauties speak of love and show of respect. They verbalize visually the words that are difficult to express. 

Casket adornments are small casket flower arrangements placed inside the coffin. Placing a simple yet stylishly designed adornment in the casket suggests fondness and familiarity with the deceased. In addition to the casket spray, adornments are added for decorative and symbolic purpose. These small pieces are handcrafted in many shapes and designs to add beauty to the service. Wreaths, bouquets, casket pillow hearts and crosses flower arrangement exude elegance to the coffin. Rosary and cross designs indicate Catholicism.

The choices of flowers are important. Dark red roses with bristles of greenery on a velvety white casket pillow are a stunning combination. An assortment of pastel colored blooms tied in a bouquet has graceful undertones while bold colored flowers in a wreath lend an inspiring glow to the casket. The significance of the flowers and the arrangement with the deceased is the basis for the selection.  Some custom-made flower arrangements tell stories and explain the life and death of the departed spirit. Adornments gives the color of a life well lived.

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