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Casket flowers and sprays are a beautiful way to pay tribute to loved ones. Choosing a casket flower and adornment is a tradition normally undertaken by the closest members of a family such as the children, siblings or spouse. If you are not an immediate family member, we recommend a different arrangement such as a Funeral Wreath or a Standing Spray.

Accents of Blue Funeral Casket Spray
Exotic blue accents, exquisite spider mums, aromatic roses, delicate carnations, freshly picked seas..
$225.99 $205.99
Affection Funeral Casket Spray
The FTD Affection Funeral Casket Spray This spectacular casket spray is lavishly designed using f..
All-White Casket Pillow
This delicate and angelic-looking all-white casket pillow is a lovely adornment to send to the funer..
Autumn Flowers Casket Spray
This radiant casket spray boasts vibrant autumn shades of orange, red, yellow, and green. It include..
$289.99 $285.99
Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray
The FTD Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray This splendid casket spray is comprised of only the fresh..
Blue and White Casket Spray
This luxurious red, white, and blue large casket spray boasts what seems to be a never-ending amount..
$279.99 $259.99
Bright and Happy Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x 9"W ..
Cascading Pinks and Whites Casket Spray
> This elegant casket spray boasts fresh carnations and greenery. Colors are mainly white, pink, ..
$190.99 $185.95
Casket Flower Spray
This striking casket spray features a combination of commercial mums and red carnations, which are a..
Casket Spray with Cross
This unique casket spray features a delicate white and green cross, as well as an array of the fines..
Celebration of Life Personalized Casket Spray
This glorious casket spray is an ideal way to express your sincere sympathies. Our artistic designer..
Cheerful Bliss Casket Spray
Show your heartfelt condolences for the loss of a loved one by sending this beautiful casket spray t..
Cherished Moments Casket Spray
This ravishing half couch casket spray boasts an ample amount of fresh seasonal blooms such as snap ..
Closed Casket Flower Spray
Delicate commercial mums, daisies, and blooming seasonal flowers are elegantly arranged to be the fo..
Color Splash Casket Spray
This striking casket spray features an exotic combination of fresh flowers such as: exquisite lilies..
Colorful Carnation Casket Spray
Using carnations, wax flowers, radiant greens, and a dazzling ribbon, our talented designers hand cr..
Colourful Tributes Casket Spray
> Full of vibrant colors such as purple, pink, green, and peach, this ravishing casket spray refl..
Dearly Departed Casket Spray
A generous amount of 75 super long stem red roses, fern, and leather leaf is included in this rich c..
Deeply Adored Casket Spray
Celebrate the life of a loved one who has recently passed away with this extravagant casket spray th..
Delicate Rose Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  7"H x 9"W ..
Delicate Whites Sympathy Funeral Casket Spray
Express your deepest sympathies to the bereaved family by sending this lavish casket spray to the fu..
$269.99 $249.99
Elegant Casket Spray
Only the most colorful and vivacious seasonal blooms are included in this gorgeous casket spray. Dai..
Elegant Daisy Casket Spray
An assortment of fresh daisies are arranged by our talented designers into a beautiful casket spray...
$149.99 $129.99
Elegant Rose Casket Adornment
> A truly elegant piece! This delicate casket adornment is an excellent way to express your sympa..
Elegant Rose Casket Spray
> This incredible casket spray beautifully expresses your condolences. Only the freshest of flowe..
Encircling Grace Casket Adornment
> This stunning wreath is hand-crafted by our talented designers using a combination of lilies, c..
$119.99 $89.99
Enduring Peace Hinge
> This eye-catching garland is ideal for the inside of an open casket during the service. It featur..
Eternal Tributes Casket Spray
> Lovely shades of pink complement each other to create a magnificent casket spray. Only the fres..
Eternal Violet Tribute Casket Spray
This lovely casket spray features gorgeous tones of violet, and accented by luscious greens. Celebra..
$259.99 $239.99
Exotic Flowers Casket Spray
An assortment of freshly picked flowers such as: exotic lilies, exquisite roses, lavish spider mums,..
Farewell Yellows Casket Spray
Soft shades of yellow, white, and green complement each other in this golden casket spray. It featur..
Floral Oasis Casket Spray
This striking multicolored casket spray represents the joyous life of the deceased. It boasts beauti..
$259.99 $239.99
Floral Sympathy Rosary
> Rosaries are common to Catholicism, symbolizing faith. This elegant rosary is the perfect way t..
For The Pariot Casket Spray
This angelic casket spray presents an array of the freshest flowers on the market such as: exotic sp..
$220.99 $199.99
Funeral Carnation Casket Arrangement
This exquisite casket arrangement boasts graceful carnations, heavenly greenery, fresh fillers, and ..
$199.99 $179.99
Funeral Casket Flowers Spray Arrangement
This majestic casket spray arrangement boasts fresh carnations, snapdragons, seasonal blooms, as wel..
$245.99 $185.99
Gentle Blossoms Casket Adornment
> Soft, gentle shades of peach, pink, and yellow are used in this delicate hand tied bouquet. Our..
Gently into the Ever-after Casket Spray
This picturesque casket spray consists of roses, orchids, and calla lilies, and is adorned with fres..
$289.99 $269.99
Glorious White Casket Spray
> Glorious is an understatement for such a magnificent casket spray! The color combination of whi..
Golden Casket
Heartfelt Casket Adornment
> This beautiful casket adornment features shades of red, green, white, and cream. The combinatio..
Heavenly Scented Casket Spray
This vibrant casket spray boasts rich blooming flowers such as roses, carnations, delphinium, and ot..
Humble Rose Casket Spray
Approx. 16"H x 36"W ..
$299.99 $279.99
Illuminated Funeral Casket Spray
This bright casket spray boasts an ample amount of the brightest roses on the market! It boasts exot..
Immaculate Red Rose Casket Spray
> This extravagant casket adornment boasts an array of deep red roses and a generous amount of fres..
$398.99 $379.99
Immaculate White Casket Spray
Approx. 40"W x 44"H ..
$499.99 $479.99
Immortal Casket Spray
Approx. 16"H x 36"W x 21"D ..
Lavishly Pink Casket Spray
An exotic pink mix of fresh flowers such as: exquisite roses, exotic gerbera daisies, delicate carna..
Loveliness Casket Spray
Honor the life of a loved one with bountiful casket spray. It features exquisite shades of lavender,..
Luxurious Red Roses Casket Spray
An array of the freshest luxurious red roses on the market are accented with lush greenery, and arra..
Peaceful Cross Adornment
> This flawless casket cross adornment is created using asters, greenery, and roses. Colors inclu..
Peaceful Pink Casket Spray
This charming casket spray is generously filled with the freshest of roses, lilies, seasonal blooms,..
Peach Comfort Half-Couch Spray
Peach and soft pink colors provide a warm, comforting vibe. This exquisite spray presents fresh lili..
Pink and White Sympathy Casket Spray
Exotic lilies, exquisite roses, aromatic spider mums, delicate gerbera daisies, freshly picked seaso..
$299.99 $249.99
Pink Delight Casket Spray
This lovely pink casket spray presents an ample amount of fresh and luxurious roses, as well as acce..
Pure White Casket Spray
‘Pure elegance’ are the words that describe this blissful casket spray. It features roses, seasonal ..
$289.99 $269.99
Red Rose Casket Spray
Express your deepest sympathies with a small yet elegant casket spray, adorned with roses and fresh ..
$130.99 $110.99
Red Splendor Casket Spray
This splendid casket spray boasts fresh flowers in luscious shades of red. Aromatic roses, lilies, c..
Remembrance Casket Spray
This stunning casket spray mainly consists of gentle purples, pinks, and greens. Flowers include fre..
Rose Tribute Casket Spray
This is another one of our heavenly arrangements that consists of soft shades of pink, yellow, cream..
$269.99 $249.99
Roses in Pink Casket Spray
Only the finest of roses on the market are used in creating this marvelous casket spray! This pink s..
$330.99 $310.99
Shared Memories Hovering Spray
Express your deepest sympathies with this artistic casket spray that includes an ample amount of col..
$350.99 $330.99
Sincere Tribute Casket Spray
Fresh daisies, stalks, and greeneries are selected in shades of deep red and green for this spectacu..
$319.99 $298.99
Sincerity Sympathy Casket Spray
Abundant with luxurious carnations, wax flowers, seasonal blooms, and fresh greenery, this casket sp..
$199.99 $179.99
Solace Casket Spray
Abundant with carnations, asters, alstroemeria, and greens, this luxurious casket spray is a beautif..
Soothing Colors Casket Spray
This lovely casket spray presents an ample amount of the finest flowers on the market in soothing co..
Splendid Memories Casket Spray
This lavish casket spray beautifully expresses your sincere condolences. Using roses, carnations, li..
Sweet Memories Casket Spray
>Soft pinks, reds, purples, creams, and greens are beautifully arranged to create this darling caske..
Taken Too Soon
Honor a loved one with this angelic sympathy flower arrangement that reveals rich lilies, roses, fre..
Tender Treasure Casket Adornment
> Vibrant colors such as purples, reds, greens, yellows, and whites are used to design this radia..
Thoughtful Gesture Casket Spray
A variety of fresh blooms in gentle shades of purple, lavender, pink, green, and white are included ..
Touch of Sympathy Casket Adornment
> Elegantly presented on a cross pillow, a combination of carnations, roses, and gorgeous greener..
Triumphant Casket Spray
Designed using beautiful colors such as purple, lavender, blue, pink, and green, this casket spray h..
Vibrant Casket Spray
Fresh, vibrant blooms in warm earthly tones are combined to create this blazing arrangement. Colors ..
Vivacious Funeral Casket Flowers Spray
The exotic beauty of this casket spray lies in it's contents. It boasts exquisite flowers such as: e..
$229.99 $199.98
Waterfall Casket Spray
This unique casket spray arrangement beautifully reflects your deepest sympathies, and is filled wit..
Whispering Love Casket Adornment
> This unique casket adornment is in the shape of a wreath and is made of natural moss. It featur..
White and Yellow Bliss Casket Flower Spray
Send a beautiful casket spray to the funeral home for the memorial service and viewing, as an expres..
White Calla Casket Spray
Divine calla lilies, fresh stalks, dainty carnations, and luscious greenery are arranged by our tale..
White Tribute Casket Flowers
FTD Majestic Casket Spray Pay tribute to your loved one with this graceful casket spray. It consi..
$339.99 $319.99
Prayerful Farewell Rosary
> This elegant rosary is designed using carnations and accented with ivy. Colors include pink an..
Red Beauty Cross Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 13"H x 10"W. ..
Holy White Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 14"H x 9"W. ..
Pink and Purple Casket Adornment
> Designed with fresh flowers such as freesias, roses, and greenery, this flawless casket adornm..
Pink Radiance Heart Pillow
Measures approximately  10"H x 7"W ..
Pretty Peach Rose Casket Adornment
> This subtle casket adornment is a stunning tribute to honor the deceased. Soft shades of peach..
Red Rose Cluster Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  10"H x 7"W ..
Rose Sensation Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 13"H x 10"W. ..
Soft Pink Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x9"W ..
Sweetly Rest Casket Adornment
> Fresh carnations, lilies, and gorgeous fillers are used to design this lovely casket adornment..
Trail of Flowers Garland
Approx. 3" H x 50"W ..
White and Pink Beauty Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 9"H x 8"W. ..
White Roses Splendor Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 9"H x 8"W. ..

Funeral Casket Flowers

Cascading casket flower arrangements are elegant. Choose a flowing casket arrangement to symbolize a life beautifully lived. Rich solid colors of fresh flowers against light casket hues create a spectacular contrast. Pastel colored flowers illustrates the love for life. Flowers do not last long but the impression of their beauty stays forever in the memory much like the passing of a cherished family or friend.

Flowers are signs of love and affection. In funerals, the closest and intimate family members reserve the right to adorn the casket with flowers.  They are chosen for their beauty and significance.  There is no easy way to assuage grief especially when they are close friends or family. Casket Flowers are extensions of human emotions.  Casket flowers show what words are not able to say, the unspoken love, the show of respect and the final farewell to name a few.  These sentiments are real and are present in every person. When loved ones depart from life, they leave behind ethereal memories of them to their family and friends whose lives they touched.  These memories are considered when choosing the flowers and arrangement. Casket flowers render a beautiful visual language of fondness, love and respect for the dearly departed...   

Cascading casket flower arrangements are elegant. Choose this arrangement as a symbol of life beautifully lived.  Rich solid colors of fresh flowers against light casket hues create a spectacular contrast.  Pastel colored flowers illustrates the love for life. Flowers do not last long but the impression of their beauty stays forever in the memory much like the passing of a cherished family or friend.

There are many flowers and arrangements to choose.  The two types of casket flower arrangements are casket spray and adornments. A casket a spray is a spread of arranged flowers placed on top of the casket. Adornments are located inside the casket as an accent piece. The casket spray when paired with matching adornment highlights the importance of the deceased laying inside the casket.

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