White Sympathy Flower Arrangements
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Our selection of White flowers includes, White Sympathy Wreaths, White Crosses, White Vase Arrangements and many other White flower arrangements. Our local designers select the freshest flowers to design a beautiful piece to honor and celebrate a life lived beautifully. We offer Delivery on the same day or the weekend to satisfy any needs you have regarding your White Floral Arrangements.

White Sympathy Flower Arrangements
12 White Roses In a Vase
Measures approximately 18"H x 12"W. #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absol..
$84.99 $64.99
Accents of Blue Funeral Casket Spray
Exotic blue accents, exquisite spider mums, aromatic roses, delicate carnations, freshly picked seas..
$225.99 $205.99
Accents of Blue Standing Spray
This unique-looking standing spray boasts an ample amount of blue accents, aromatic roses, and exoti..
$178.99 $158.99
All White Funeral Standing Spray
Send this luxurious standing spray to the home of the bereaved as an expression of your condolences,..
$219.99 $199.99
All White Spray
> Convey your sincere sympathies with this white and green spray arrangement. It’s handcrafted by..
$145.00 $125.99
All-White Casket Pillow
This delicate and angelic-looking all-white casket pillow is a lovely adornment to send to the funer..
All-White Cross Standing Spray
This heavenly all-white cross standing spray features a cluster arrangement of aromatic roses and ex..
$249.99 $229.99
Angelic All White Heart Wreath
This lovely all-white heart wreath features an array of the freshest flowers on the market, such as:..
$229.99 $199.99
Artistically Designed Wreath
Indulge in the beauty of this stunning wreath! It boasts an ample amount of exquisite spider mums, h..
$259.99 $239.99
Basket of Light
Send the bereaved family an elegant, small basket that's filled with carnations, roses, and exquisit..
$109.99 $89.99
Bleeding Heart
Honor the fulfilling life of a loved one with this beautiful heart-shaped arrangement that's adorned..
$259.99 $239.99
Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchid
Approx.14" W x 23" H . ..
$109.99 $89.99
Blue and White
Divine lilies, delphinium, fresh seasonal blooms, and accents of lush greenery are arranged by ou..
Blue and White Heart Wreath
This unique blue and white heart wreath displays a wide variety of exotic spider mums, aromatic rose..
$249.99 $189.99
Blue and White Sympathy Arrangement
This exquisite sympathy tribute features fresh daisies, gladiolus, and luscious greens. Colors ma..
Calla lily Funeral Arrangement
Angelic calla lilies, carnations, and exotic greens make up this beautiful sympathy arrangement a..
Canadaian White Spray Arrangement
> Gorgeous shades of yellow, white, and green are used to create this dazzling, full arrangement...
$249.99 $239.99
Cascading Pinks and Whites Casket Spray
> This elegant casket spray boasts fresh carnations and greenery. Colors are mainly white, pink, ..
$190.99 $185.95
Casket Spray with Cross
This unique casket spray features a delicate white and green cross, as well as an array of the fines..
Cherished Condolences Bouquet
The FTD Cherished Friend Bouquet Approximately 18"H x 12"W. ..
$49.99 $46.99
Chrysanthemum Pillow
> This is a truly unique work of art! Shaped into a pillow, this arrangement includes whites, pin..
Closed Casket Flower Spray
Delicate commercial mums, daisies, and blooming seasonal flowers are elegantly arranged to be the fo..
Dear Dad
> This piece is ideal to commemorate a loving father. It’s created using colors such as wh..
Dear Mum
> This gorgeous and delicate flower arrangement has spelled out the name of one's dearest, a..
Deepest Condolences All White Flowers
Measures Approximately 32"H x 38"L ..
$98.99 $95.99
Deepest Sympathies White Funeral Standing Spray
Measures Approximately 46" H x 38" ..
$200.99 $180.99
Deepest Sympathies White Standing Basket
Approximately 30"H x 29" W ..
Deepest Sympathies White Standing Spray
$128.99 $126.99
Delicate White Roses Basket
This wicker basket contains a generous amount of the finest roses on the market, as well as accents ..
Delicate Whites Sympathy Funeral Casket Spray
Express your deepest sympathies to the bereaved family by sending this lavish casket spray to the fu..
$269.99 $249.99
Divinity Basket
This divine basket arrangement displays a beautiful selection of exotic white flowers. Exquisite ..
Elegant Daisy Casket Spray
An assortment of fresh daisies are arranged by our talented designers into a beautiful casket spray...
$149.99 $129.99
Exquisite Cross Spray
Measures approximately 35”H x 23”W   ..
$214.99 $184.99
Forever In Our Hearts
This compact yet elegant white and green arrangement boasts an exotic selection of unique flowers..
From the Heart
Express your heartfelt condolences with this unique standing spray arrangement that features chrysan..
Glorious White Casket Spray
> Glorious is an understatement for such a magnificent casket spray! The color combination of whi..
Graceful Waterfall Tribute Arrangement
Approx. 38"W x 20"H ..
Heart Standing Spray
This immaculate heart standing spray strongly expresses your heartfelt condolences. Roses, chrysanth..
$249.99 $225.99
Heart Wreath Arrangement
Aromatic roses, freesias, and greenery in soft colors of white, pink, yellow, and green are beautifu..
$195.99 $184.99
Heartfelt Sympathies White Standing Basket
Measures Approximately 32"H x 36" ..
$128.99 $125.99
Heartfelt Tribute White Floor Basket
Heavenly Roses Heart Wreath
Measures approximately 24"H x 22"W. Heavenly Roses Heart Wreath ..
$415.99 $395.99
Heavenly Whites Wreath
A blissful display of exquisite white flowers! This heavenly funeral wreath boasts the highest quali..
$294.99 $274.99
Holy White Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 14"H x 9"W. ..
Humble Rose Casket Spray
Approx. 16"H x 36"W ..
$299.99 $279.99
Just Pure White Gladiolus
This lavish sympathy arrangement consists of white gladiolus flowers that beautifully express your s..
$114.99 $94.99
Just Tribute Flower Messages
$59.99 $49.99
Light In Your Honor Arrangement
> Express your deepest sympathies with this gorgeous arrangement. Colors mainly include various sha..
$259.99 $249.99
Lilies and More Bouquet
This angelic vase arrangement is bursting with exotic lillies, eucalyptus, and lush greens. Color..
Lily Heavenly Funeral Wreath Arrangements
An abundance of rich, white flowers such as: exotic lilies, exquisite roses, freshly picked seasonal..
$195.99 $175.99
Lovely Tribute Funeral Flowers
> FTD Quiet Tribute Standing Spray. Using white flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, snap ..
$209.99 $189.99
Luxurious Funeral Cross Flowers
Measures approximately 35”H x 23”W ..
$224.99 $204.99
Morning Stars
This elegant white and green sympathy tribute features exotic lilies, snapdragons, carnations, beaut..
$249.99 $229.99
My Flower-Heart is Yours
Celebrate the joyous life of a loved one with this lavish heart-shaped arrangement. It boasts fresh ..
$259.99 $249.99
Peaceful Garden Basket
The FTD Peaceful Garden Basket Peaceful Garden Basket  Approximately 12"H x 12"W. ..
$64.99 $59.98
Peaceful Tribute Basket
An arrangement of exotic spider mums, delicate daisies, and exotic lilies lies in an elegant basket...
$149.99 $134.99
Peaceful White Centre Piece
This angelic centerpiece adds a beauty to the home of the bereaved and the funeral service. It fe..
Pretty In Peach Spray
Send this breathtaking standing spray to the funeral home for the memorial service and viewing as..
Pure Condolences Arrangement
The FTD Eternal Affection Approximately 15"H x 12"W. ..
Pure White Casket Spray
‘Pure elegance’ are the words that describe this blissful casket spray. It features roses, seasonal ..
$289.99 $269.99
Quiet Tribute Floral Package
Rose Sensation Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 13"H x 10"W. ..
Roses and More Wreath
An array of the finest white flowers and vivid greenery on the market are included in this spectacul..
$269.99 $249.99
Soft-Colored Cross Standing Spray
Measures approximately 35”H x 23”W. ..
Solemn Offering Arrangement
This grand arrangement is designed using exquisite calla lilies, seasonal blooms, chrysanthemums, ca..
Standing Cross Sympathy Spray
> This stunning cross standing spray features whites, reds, and accented with greens. It's dominate..
$319.99 $299.99
Superb Cross Standing Spray
Measures approximately 23"W x 35H" ..
Sympathy Solid White Heart
Teddy Love
Approx. 24" H ..
Thoughts & Prayers Bouquet
This stunning arrangement boasts beautiful shades of white, green, and yellow. It features a wide..
Thoughts and Prayers Sympathy Flowers
Traditional Sympathy White
This ravishing vase arrangement boasts exquisite flowers in shades of white and green. It features e..
Traditional Victorian Bouquet
Lilies, roses, gladiolus, seasonal blooms, and greenery are arranged by our talented designers to cr..
$219.99 $198.99
Waterfall Casket Spray
This unique casket spray arrangement beautifully reflects your deepest sympathies, and is filled wit..
White & Green Standing Spray
> Convey your deepest sympathies with this bountiful arrangement. Shades of green and white are u..
$219.99 $199.99
White and Pink Elegant Cross Spray
Admire the beauty of this sentimental sympathy cross spray! It features an abundance of lovely flowe..
White Calla Casket Spray
Divine calla lilies, fresh stalks, dainty carnations, and luscious greenery are arranged by our tale..
White Carnation Heart Wreath
Measures approximately 28"H x 26"W. ..
$299.99 $269.99
White Daisy Sympathy Basket
This adorable basket arrangement features white flowers such as daisies and other seasonal blooms, a..
White Daisy Sympathy Wreath
This elegant wreath is presented on an easel, and boasts beautiful green and white colors. It featur..
$179.99 $119.99
White Divinity Sympathy Basket
This all-white divine sympathy basket boasts a collection of stunning flowers such as: exotic lilies..
$119.99 $115.99
White Expressions Basket
Express your deepest sympathies by sending this lavish arrangement filled with white flowers and gre..
White Funeral Flower Basket
This stunning white basket arrangement is filled with exquisite white flowers such as calla lilie..
White Funeral Flower Package
White Lilies In Vase
White Roses Splendor Casket Pillow
Measures approximately 9"H x 8"W. ..
White Sympathy
This truly luxurious sympathy arrangement is a beautiful way to express your deepest condolences. Fi..
White Sympathy Arrangement
White flowers such as lilies are the focal point of this arrangement, and are complemented with fres..
$179.99 $159.99
White Tribute Casket Flowers
FTD Majestic Casket Spray Pay tribute to your loved one with this graceful casket spray. It consi..
$339.99 $319.99
White Waterfall
> This standing spray is truly a work of art, using shades of green and yellow for color. It inc..
Whites and Blues Arrangement
This elegant white and blue sympathy basket arrangement boasts aromatic roses, exotic spider mums, l..
$165.99 $145.99
Whites and Greens Cross Spray
Measures approximately: 35”H x 23”W. ..
$239.99 $219.99
Wishes and Blessings Bouquet
This compact yet bright and happy vase arrangement boasts yellow, white, and gold colors. It feature..

White is a color of purity and innocence. In death, we believe that all of us return to the innocence in which we were born; and white funeral or sympathy flowers signify
that belief. Types of White Sympathy Floral Arrangements There are several white flower arrangement options you can choose from to buy online and have delivered. From simple sympathy bouquets, baskets and vases to elaborate wreaths, casket sprays and funeral adornments, any established funeral flower delivery service should be able to offer you exactly the kind of arrangement to suit your requirement. Affordable Expressions of Love and Respect for the Departed Speedy Delivery to Funeral Homes Probably the most important aspect of ordering funeral flowers online is the vendors’ bility to get the flowers delivered as quickly as possible. Timing is of the essence during a funeral, and nothing shows that you care more than having your homage delivered promptly as committed. Not having to worry about whether or not your floral sympathy arrangement will reach in time is a big load off your mind. Finally, be sure to include a customized message with the white flower arrangement to give it your personal touch. White sympathy flowers with a unique message will speak volumes about your compassion for the bereaved.
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