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12 White Roses In a Vase
Measures approximately 18"H x 12"W. #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absol..
$84.99 $64.99
3 Dozen Roses in a Vase
$218.99 $198.99
A Thoughtful Tribute-Funeral Sympathy Cross
> FTD Living Cross Easel S22-3553 This unique cross standing spray boasts beautiful pinks, red..
$199.99 $179.99
Accents of Blue Funeral Casket Spray
Exotic blue accents, exquisite spider mums, aromatic roses, delicate carnations, freshly picked seas..
$225.99 $205.99
Accents of Blue Standing Spray
This unique-looking standing spray boasts an ample amount of blue accents, aromatic roses, and exoti..
$178.99 $158.99
Affection Funeral Casket Spray
The FTD Affection Funeral Casket Spray This spectacular casket spray is lavishly designed using f..
The aglaonema is a beautiful foliage plant that is commonly known as the ''Chineese Evergreen''. It'..
All American Tribute Wreath
Express your deepest sympathies for the loss of a loved one in the United States. The patriotic colo..
All White Funeral Standing Spray
Send this luxurious standing spray to the home of the bereaved as an expression of your condolences,..
$219.99 $199.99
All White Spray
> Convey your sincere sympathies with this white and green spray arrangement. It’s handcrafted by..
$145.00 $125.99
All-Green Cross Standing Spray
This stunning all-green cross standing spray features a bountiful amount of exotic orchids and lusci..
$234.99 $214.99
All-White Casket Pillow
This delicate and angelic-looking all-white casket pillow is a lovely adornment to send to the funer..
All-White Cross Standing Spray
This heavenly all-white cross standing spray features a cluster arrangement of aromatic roses and ex..
$249.99 $229.99
Angelic All White Heart Wreath
This lovely all-white heart wreath features an array of the freshest flowers on the market, such as:..
$229.99 $199.99
Artistic Green and Purple Standing Spray
Our talented designers carefully arrange aromatic roses, exotic chrysathemums, a variety of stalks, ..
$269.99 $249.99
Artistically Designed Wreath
Indulge in the beauty of this stunning wreath! It boasts an ample amount of exquisite spider mums, h..
$259.99 $239.99
Autumn Flowers Casket Spray
This radiant casket spray boasts vibrant autumn shades of orange, red, yellow, and green. It include..
$289.99 $285.99
Autumn Spray
> Luscious deep reds, pinks, yellows, and greens form this stunning spray. Oncidium orchids, snap..
$214.99 $194.99
Basket of Faith
A vibrant array of colors such as red, purple, yellow, orange, and pink are included in this beautif..
Basket of Light
Send the bereaved family an elegant, small basket that's filled with carnations, roses, and exquisit..
$109.99 $89.99
Basket of Thoughts
This bountiful basket boasts a large array of the freshest flowers on the market, including: exotic ..
Beautiful Blooms Wreath
This bright and happy wreath glows before your eyes! It boasts a selection of the freshest and most ..
$329.99 $264.99
Bereavement Basket
This luxurious basket overflows with exquisite flowers such as: aromatic roses, delicate carnatio..
Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray
The FTD Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray This splendid casket spray is comprised of only the fresh..
Blazing Basket of Yellow
This bright basket radiates with absolute beauty! It features an array of exotic spider mums, exquis..
Blazing Blooms Wreath
This fiery yet elegant wreath boasts the freshest and most colorful flowers on the market! From exot..
Bleeding Heart
Honor the fulfilling life of a loved one with this beautiful heart-shaped arrangement that's adorned..
$259.99 $239.99
Blessings of the Earth
Bursts of snapdragons, roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, and orchids are garnished with luscious ..
Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchid
Approx.14" W x 23" H . ..
$109.99 $89.99
Blue and White
Divine lilies, delphinium, fresh seasonal blooms, and accents of lush greenery are arranged by ou..
Blue and White Casket Spray
This luxurious red, white, and blue large casket spray boasts what seems to be a never-ending amount..
$279.99 $259.99
Blue and White Heart Wreath
This unique blue and white heart wreath displays a wide variety of exotic spider mums, aromatic rose..
$249.99 $189.99
Blue and White Sympathy Arrangement
This exquisite sympathy tribute features fresh daisies, gladiolus, and luscious greens. Colors ma..
Blue Bow Basket
A fine expression of your deepest sympathies! This striking blue, red, and white sympathy tribute co..
$149.99 $145.99
Bright and Happy Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x 9"W ..
Bright Beauty Wreath
Send a bright and happy sympathy wreath to the home of the bereaved, or to the funeral home for the ..
Bright Cross Spray
Approximately 35”H x 23”W. ..
$239.99 $219.99
Bright Joy Basket
Brighten this dark time for the bereaved family by sending this beautiful basket arrangement to thei..
Bright Summery Wreath
Commemorate the joyous life of a recently deceased loved one by sending the bereaved family this stu..
Brighter Blessings Spray
>   Teleflora Brighter Blessings Spray TF211-2 Shades of yellow, green, and gold are u..
$119.99 $99.99
Calla lily Funeral Arrangement
Angelic calla lilies, carnations, and exotic greens make up this beautiful sympathy arrangement a..
Canadaian White Spray Arrangement
> Gorgeous shades of yellow, white, and green are used to create this dazzling, full arrangement...
$249.99 $239.99
Carnation Combination Standing Spray
A lovely combination of exotic spider mums, lavish roses, exquisite lilies, freshly picked seasonal ..
$172.99 $152.99
Carnation Spray Arrangement
This marvelous sympathy arrangement features aromatic carnations and accents of exotic greens. Co..
Carnation Sympathy Standing Arrangement
> This perfectly hand-crafted arrangement is elegantly presented on an easel. It boasts deep red ..
$159.99 $135.99
Carnations Vase Arrangement
Cascading Pinks and Whites Casket Spray
> This elegant casket spray boasts fresh carnations and greenery. Colors are mainly white, pink, ..
$190.99 $185.95
Casket Flower Spray
This striking casket spray features a combination of commercial mums and red carnations, which are a..
Casket Spray with Cross
This unique casket spray features a delicate white and green cross, as well as an array of the fines..
Celebration of Life Flower Arrangement
Celebrate the joyous life of the deceased with this vivacious sympathy arrangement. Flowers include ..
Celebration of Life Funeral Flower Package
Asters, carnations, chrysanthemums, delphinium, gerbera daisies, gladioli, roses, pink gerberas a..
Celebration of Life Personalized Casket Spray
This glorious casket spray is an ideal way to express your sincere sympathies. Our artistic designer..
Celebration of Life Standing Spray
> This stunning spray arrangement is radiating with beauty- to say the least. The combination of ..
$162.99 $142.99
Cheerful Basket
Send this lovely basket to the home of the bereaved family and make their day slightly brigter! I..
Cheerful Bliss Casket Spray
Show your heartfelt condolences for the loss of a loved one by sending this beautiful casket spray t..
Cherished Condolences Bouquet
The FTD Cherished Friend Bouquet Approximately 18"H x 12"W. ..
$49.99 $46.99
Cherished Moments Casket Spray
This ravishing half couch casket spray boasts an ample amount of fresh seasonal blooms such as snap ..
Chic Pink Wreath
This beautiful wreath features a selection of exotic flowers and greens. An ample amount of pristine..
$299.99 $199.99
Chrysanthemum Pillow
> This is a truly unique work of art! Shaped into a pillow, this arrangement includes whites, pin..
Classic Red Wreath
This striking red sympathy wreath boasts the finest flowers on the market and the most luxurious gre..
$279.99 $199.99
Closed Casket Flower Spray
Delicate commercial mums, daisies, and blooming seasonal flowers are elegantly arranged to be the fo..
Color and Light Arrangement
Commemorate the life of a loved one with this gorgeous arrangement that's filled with lavish ..
Color Block Standing Wreath
This artistic standing wreath is created by our talented floral designers, who use only the freshest..
Color Splash Casket Spray
This striking casket spray features an exotic combination of fresh flowers such as: exquisite lilies..
Colorful Carnation Casket Spray
Using carnations, wax flowers, radiant greens, and a dazzling ribbon, our talented designers hand cr..
Colorful Standing Spray
> Using vivid colors such as orange, yellow, purple, red, violet, and green, this colorful stand..
$159.99 $139.99
Colors of Radiance Standing Spray
A radiant combination of colors such as: red, yellow, and orange are included in this divine standin..
$179.99 $159.99
Colourful Tributes Casket Spray
> Full of vibrant colors such as purple, pink, green, and peach, this ravishing casket spray refl..
Cotton Candy Basket
Send this lovely basket to the home of the bereaved family to let them know that they're in your tho..
$159.99 $139.99
Cross Tribute
> Delicately handcrafted using dendrobium orchids, mini carnations, variegated pittosporum, greener..
$238.99 $198.99
Dazzling Cross Standing Spray
Measures approximately: 35”H x 23”W. ..
$315.99 $295.99
Dear Dad
> This piece is ideal to commemorate a loving father. It’s created using colors such as wh..
Dear Mum
> This gorgeous and delicate flower arrangement has spelled out the name of one's dearest, a..
Dearly Departed Casket Spray
A generous amount of 75 super long stem red roses, fern, and leather leaf is included in this rich c..
Deep Red Roses-sympathy Standing Spray
Teleflora T225-2A Blessed Heart This classic sympathy heart wreath boasts an ample amou..
$225.99 $205.99
Deepest Condolences All White Flowers
Measures Approximately 32"H x 38"L ..
$98.99 $95.99
Deepest Condolences Blue and White Flowers
Measures Approximately 32"H x 36"L ..
Deepest Sympathies Blue and White Flowers
$85.99 $82.99
Deepest Sympathies Standing Spray - Pink
Measures Approximately 42"H x 32" ..
$195.99 $175.99
Deepest Sympathies White Funeral Standing Spray
Measures Approximately 46" H x 38" ..
$200.99 $180.99
Deepest Sympathies White Standing Basket
Approximately 30"H x 29" W ..
Deepest Sympathies White Standing Spray
$128.99 $126.99
Deeply Adored Casket Spray
Celebrate the life of a loved one who has recently passed away with this extravagant casket spray th..
Delicate Rose Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  7"H x 9"W ..
Delicate White Roses Basket
This wicker basket contains a generous amount of the finest roses on the market, as well as accents ..
Delicate Whites Sympathy Funeral Casket Spray
Express your deepest sympathies to the bereaved family by sending this lavish casket spray to the fu..
$269.99 $249.99
Divinity Basket
This divine basket arrangement displays a beautiful selection of exotic white flowers. Exquisite ..
Elegant Casket Spray
Only the most colorful and vivacious seasonal blooms are included in this gorgeous casket spray. Dai..
Elegant Daisy Casket Spray
An assortment of fresh daisies are arranged by our talented designers into a beautiful casket spray...
$149.99 $129.99
Elegant Rose Casket Adornment
> A truly elegant piece! This delicate casket adornment is an excellent way to express your sympa..
Elegant Rose Casket Spray
> This incredible casket spray beautifully expresses your condolences. Only the freshest of flowe..
Encircling Grace Casket Adornment
> This stunning wreath is hand-crafted by our talented designers using a combination of lilies, c..
$119.99 $89.99
Enduring Peace Hinge
> This eye-catching garland is ideal for the inside of an open casket during the service. It featur..
Eternal Friendship Arrangement
Celebrate an eternal friendship with this radiant flower arrangement in soft shades of orange, ye..
Eternal Love
This gorgeous wreath displays a wide variety of complementing flowers and colors that beautifully ex..
$249.99 $229.98
Eternal Rest Heart Wreath
Our talented designers arrange fresh spray roses, gerberas, waxflowers, greenery, and other seasonal..
$198.99 $184.99
Eternal Tributes Casket Spray
> Lovely shades of pink complement each other to create a magnificent casket spray. Only the fres..
Eternal Violet Tribute Casket Spray
This lovely casket spray features gorgeous tones of violet, and accented by luscious greens. Celebra..
$259.99 $239.99
Eternity Arrangement
Convey your sincere condolences by sending this outstanding arrangement to the home of the bereaved...

A subtle way to express sympathy is to send a gentle message of hope with funeral flowers. Different flowers convey various meanings and messages. Their natural beauty can light up any ambiance and mood and carry with them the gift of nature that lifts souls giving comfort and support to those who most need them.

Choosing the right flower arrangement to highlight the legacy left by the departed person is a considerate act of friendship and admiration. The different colors and scents can stir poignant memories together with the dearly departed.  Every flower has distinctive symbolic meaning attributed to its origin and history. These blooms may be selected to represent the late loved one and the quality of life led. An array of different colorful blossoms is characteristic of jolly person whereas white flowers are a symbol of purity and innocence as that of a child. The gift of flowers is a lovely tribute to the departed loved one.

Send funeral flowers to honor the life of someone who passed on. This thoughtful gesture extends affection and concern to the bereaved family in their trying times of grief. Flowers signify life and the sights of flowers during funeral add color to somber ambience that will lift the mood of the family in mourning. At, ordering ornate or simple floral arrangement has never been easier. There is a large array of traditional blooms arranged into beautiful and exquisite funeral crosses and wreaths to choose from.

Other popular types of floral arrangements for a funeral or memorial service are baskets, large standing funeral sprays and casket sprays. These are also customary flower arrangements sent to funerals. Talented designers of carefully handcraft all flower arrangements. The designs vary from traditional array to contemporary. The combination of greenery and blooms radiates beauty and elegance in each arrangement. Elaborate arrangements are indicative of a full life. Traditional arrangements are suitable for any funeral. Once displayed, these floral arrangements give importance to the deceased person inside the casket.

Here at, we are seasoned couriers of funeral floral arrangements. The ordering process is simple and easy. Shipping is fast and reliable. From inexpensive funeral flowers to elaborate wreaths and sprays, prompt delivery is always guaranteed. Send fresh flowers from the best. Send with ease. Convey sincere sympathy.

ProFuneralFlowers is a name you can trust to deliver and convey sympathy with gorgeous arranged fresh flowers all the time directly to the funeral parlor. Order online now at

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